Gunworks G2 Signature Series


The Gunworks G2 Signature Series is a fully-loaded G2 Nitro with a pro extreme slide and high gloss Anodize finish with custom engraving. Each signature series frame will be numbered 1-3 and be a specialty theme. Signature Series frames are sold as complete guns with a Gunworks 1.5″ barrel and 212 action. You may also choose to provide an action for this project.

To place an order or get additional information, please call 740-262-8623.

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Buttpad: Adjustable

Cheek Piece: Stainless Steel

Rear Sideplates: Rear Side Plates

Rear Elevation: Compression Cradle

Slide Plate: Pro Extreme Slide

Grips: Aluminum

Action Cap: Profiled Weaver

Monobar: Pocketed and Pocketed

Barrel Clamping: Crush Ring Clamp

Bipod: 10″ Crossbar and Stud Feet

Bipod Hardware: Stainless Steel Feet and Knobs


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