Gunworks G2 Limited

Gunworks G2 Limited

  • $1,799.00

The Gunworks G2 Limited is our top-selling product, as it incorporates all of the modern accessories in a single package, while still allowing for the freedom and customization of adding any desired upgrades. Out Of Stock

Choose which upgrades you want or see which ones are included with the Gunworks G2 Nitro.

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6061 T6 Aluminum Railframe Package (Available as 210 or 212) Buttpad: Adjustable Cheek Piece: Stainless Steel Rear Sideplates: Rear Side Plates Rear Elevation: Compression Cradle Slide Plate: Standard
  • Pro Extreme Upgrade (+$514.00)
Grips: Nylon (Standard)
  • Aluminum (+$100.00)

Action Cap: Profiled Weaver

Monobar: Pocketed

  • Profiled and Pocketed Upgrade (+$250.00)

Barrel Clamping: Crush Ring Clamp

Bipod: 10" Crossbar w/ 4.0" Stud Bipod Hardware: Stainless Steel Feet and Aluminum Adjust Knobs Additional Options

  • Polishing Mainframe (+$150.00)
  • Polishing Accessories (+$150.00)
  • Anodize (+$250.00 Plus Shipping)
  • 210 Action Bedding (+$40.00)
  • Additional crush rings (+$35.00/each)
  • 1.5" Billet 4140 Gundrilled & Honed Barrel (+$900.00)