Ithaca / Simmons M-17 FL Trap

  • $1,295.00

30" Takedown 4140 barrel Jeweled Bolt Gold Triggers 70/30 or 60/40,  3/4 Simmons Olympic Rib Optional wood (pictured with AA) A Standard AA +$150 AAA +$300
Announcing the Ithaca GW-M17 Featherlight Trap This is a collaboration between Ithaca Gun Co, Gunworks R & D and Simmons Gun Repair.  Ithaca, known around the world for their legendary M37’s. Gunworks R & D, known for their leading role in the target industry. And Simmons, a company that has installed millions of ribs since 1946.  The M-17 was the brainchild of Denny Tubbs, of Gunworks. It is basically a modified M37, incorporating the “Side Load” port, simplifying ease of operation on the trap or sporting fields.  To our knowledge, the M17 is the only “Side Load, Bottom Eject” gun being built. This allows a shooter, either right or left handed to side load, without worry of ejecting shells in the face. The M-17 Featherlight Trap is only available in right load port design. Call to order yours today. In Stock .